Masha- Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi

Masha- Hauz khas village, New Delhi.
Masha- Hauz khas village, New Delhi.

After seeing Masha’s menu on Zomato we were all very excited to sample it. We received a warm welcome and so started an amazing afternoon of mediterranean fun!
The view from the small terrace is absolutely beautiful and I could spend many a lazy winter afternoon just enjoying the food there!
We had a very hard time deciding what to order as the descriptions of all the dishes left us drooling. We ordered the Veg. kibbeh, the Falayer (spinach patties) and cheese and tomato arise. All of them were wonderful and it was impossible to find fault in any of them.
For the main course we had moussaka and the Izgara sebze. The Izgara sebze was melt in the mouth delicious but the moussaka could have done with more eggplant (as it is the main part of the dish). Also, the rice pilaf that came with the moussaka was a little bit soggy. For dessert we wanted baklava but it wasn’t available
All in all it was a wonderful experience that left us wanting more. I spent the rest of the day wishing I could go back to sample all the other dishes!


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