Fat Martin – Havelcok, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Honey- Banana dosa.
Honey- Banana dosa.

Fat Martin at  night.
Fat Martin at night.

The unusual name comes from the owner of the place (cum chef) who very happily told us that he was really fat earlier and hence the name. 🙂
The best thing about this cute little place is the tiki ambience and the pretty decor. At night, it is lit up with small tiki lights which gives it a very relaxing and cute look. It is a samll hut built around a huge tree (whose trunk is literally in the middle) and you can see the kitchen from all 4 of the wooden tables and benches. There is always a long line but people happily share their tables too.
I can think of nothing bad to say about Fat Martin. We tried the dosas- honey banana- sweet and delectable, masala- crispy and just as it should be and egg and they were all amazing. We also tried the veg roll which was heavenly and the tomato cheese sandwich which was delectable.The omellete was also really good and fluffy and nice. As you can, see I’m totally enchanted by this place, so don’t expect any criticism about it from me! The shakes are also excellent and fluffy and just like shakes should be!
I would recommend this place to everyone!


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