Vegetarian Calzone Recipe

Calzones are actually like baked versions of the Panzerroti that I made earlier.
They have the same delights to them, the melty cheese, the hot filling spilling out of the crisp, golden crust… YUM!
Wanting to make them for a long time but being to lazy, I finally decided to move my butt and make the effort and I have to say
it was totally worth the effort!
I used my favourite Jamie Oliver’s pizza dough recipe which always turns out scrumptious.


So here’s what you need:


500g flour

1/2 teaspoon salt

7g dry yeast/ 3.5 teaspoon fresh yeast

1/2 teaspoon sugar

2 tablespoons olive oil

325 ml lukewarm water


1 red bell pepper

1 yellow bell pepper

1 green pepper


Grated mozzarella

PIZZA SAUCE (Same as panzerroti recipe)

The pizza sauce.
The pizza sauce.







First make the dough and set aside.
Add the sugar, yeast and olive oil to the lukewarm water and keep aside for a few minutes.
In another bowl, mix the flour and salt. Make a well in the centre of the flour and pour in the lukewarm mixture. Bring together with a fork and then knead till smooth and elastic. Keep in a floured bowl covered with a damp cloth till double in size.

Fillings with chopped basil and risen dough (Not yet rolled into a ball)
The fillings, sauce, chopped basil and risen dough
(not yet rolled into ball)

Sauté the mushrooms ( quantity to your liking) in butter and add salt and pepper to taste.

When the dough is ready roll out to a thickness of a pound coin and 30 cm across.

Spread pizza sauce leaving a margin at the edges. On one half of the area spread with sauce, add the other veggies, mushroom and mozzarella (not too much) and sprinkle salt to taste.

Carefully lift the half without the veggies and fold over. Press the sides together and press the edges with a fork to make a design.

Bake till the outer covering is crisp and golden brown.

Calzone with corn soup.

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