My Quick, Healthy After-School Vegetable and Rice Meal


I came back from school today with a ravenous craving for some fresh sauteed vegetables, and so I decided to try something new.
I fried some sliced ginger and green chillies in olive oil, and then added mixed ground pepper, oregano and the vegetables (beans, mushrooms, and broccolini).


The vegetables turned out to be delicious and I loved the taste of the mushrooms, but I didn’t get as strong of a ginger-y taste as I was expecting.
I asked my mom, and she said there would be a stronger ginger flavor if there was something wet to bring it out.
Next time, I’m going to add maybe balsamic vinegar, or soak the ginger in soy sauce.
The bread in the picture is baguette drizzled with olive oil with garlic and Italian seasoning in it.